As long as I remember, the feeling of having something in my hands, shaping it and creating and building something new, adding colors and watching the process grow, fascinates me.
Most of my ideas are occurring during the process of shaping the clay, or happening as the creativity takes over.

I grew up in an very creative home with room for own ideas. Both of my parents were independent, each with their own artistic profession. A playground for imagination and creativity for any child. Aesthetics were revered much higher than rules and directions.

After many years as a designer in the textile industry, I have been apprenticed to my mother, Betty Engholm, who is an educated sculptor. From her I have learned the necessary techniques to be able to build large scaled sculptures in high temperature clay materials.

I mostly work with geometric shapes, playing with smooth and rough surfaces, the light and the dark, the saturated and the transparent, which gives a fine interplay in contrasts. My many years surrounded by textiles characterizes my decorations and the elements that I use in the objects. My patterns and structures are like weaves in fabrics. Objects thrown casually at art pieces that brings the sculptures to life.

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